Our company

Our ten years of experience in health and our love for fellow human beings have been the occasion for the establishment of eco-help. You are an experienced nursing staff who, in co-operation with your treating physician, gives you a solution to your every problem. Based in Thessaloniki, it offers high quality services throughout the city. Oikovoitheia works 24 hours a day 365 days a year because your health is our priority without any delay.


Our mission

Our goal is to improve the quality of patients’ life and to help them regain their abilities.


Our Tools

The sincere implementation of doctors’ directives and programs with total responsibility, effectiveness and professionalism in order to accomplish patient’s fully treatment. As a result of the above, a relationship of trust and credibility with patients and their families is created by providing quality health services and as well as applying latest innovation.


Our promise

Rest assured that with choosing Oikovoitheia for the solution of your problem we will do everything humanly possible, from the very first moment, by treating you like a member of our own family.  Every person in Oikovoitheia realizes his occupation per case not as simple profession but as a vocation too. Experiencing the economic crisis of the time being, we are aiming above all to achieve the highest quality in nursing coverage with humane and reasonable prices for everyone.