VAC method - Innovation in the treatment of chronic ulcers-sores

Innovation in the treatment of chronic ulcers-sores

Method of treating wound healing by application of negative pressure. It is an integrated wound management system that provides wound healing treatment with negative pressure, even with the instillation option.

The wound healing system is intended to create an environment that promotes the healing of wounds in a secondary or tertiary (delayed primary) way by preparing the wound bed for occlusion, reducing edema, enhancing granulation tissue and exudates, as well as the removal of exudate and infectious material. The drip selection is indicated for patients who would benefit from vacuum-aided drainage and the controlled administration of local solutions and wound healing treatment suspensions to the wound bed.

The healing treatment system with negative pressure with or without instillation is indicated for patients with chronic, acute, traumatic, hypoxic and wounded wounds partial thickness burns, flap ulcers and grafts.

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